Fukk Mozilla, the bunch of cunts

They just sandbagged me this morning with another one of their surprise sneak updates, that doesn’t install until the next time you open Firefox in the middle of a troll…and have to smoke a couple of cigs waiting for the update to happen.

Then they tell me this is our last update for you schmucks using XP or Vista, hope you like it. Jesus, it’s version 52 and the last good version was maybe 2.1.

This version is so full of code it uses well over 300K just to open one tab with Facebook…and even then it can’t figure out how to open the PM function.

Rotten bunch of fuckwits.


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You can’t update FF without cigs? Sounds unhealthy.

cigs fill in all those empty spaces…

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I switched to chrome - it’s better and ya can fetch like addons - there was a thread about it and the addons

And ya can turn off updates if ya want

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lol told ya it was better a long time ago! :stuck_out_tongue:


I still can’t digest Chrome for desktop.

But this new update, now the fuckers put an annoying “this connection is not secure” in every login without HTTPS and SSL

Yeah I don’t care for that much but it’s true, sites that have login/pw boxes on every page are going to have troubles…

and there’s no option to turn that shit off

totally stupid

And I tol why I did not use it - it takes 100 percent cpu - but I found out it only does fer the first 90 seconds then it’s ok

I ditched Fire Fox ages…okay, I used it like 4 times and dropped it like a bag of cement.

Chrome FTW.

Chrome doesn’t have decent adblocking

It doesn’t support dual dictionaries, I can change spelling check easily in FF

I’ve also found add-ons like Anonymox to be a lot less stable in Chrome

Adblocking in chrome works fine fer me


Actually Chrome does…

have tried that before, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t show in my menu

right button in ff

right button in GC

Did you go into Settings, Add Portugese (Brazil) and check the box to include in spell checking?

I just did it for French and it works fine for me.

See it for yourself

Not about to fiddle with this stupid shit of a browser

Firefox works just fine for me

It’s a lot more privacy-friendly

Unlike google garbage

Pick PORTUGESE (BRAZIL) from the list.

It seems like they fixed something and now it worked, before there was only Portuguese and no distinction (Brazil and Portugal)

But I still prefer Mozilla for some reason

You should what you want and like but I wanted you to know that Chrome has that feature as well.

I use Chrome on Android, it’s much better than mozilla on that platform

But it’s good to know chrome is looking better in the desktop too