Getting Dosed Today

I am getting my first shot today. Anybody else get theirs yet?

My second is scheduled for late next week.

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I think my first will be eom.

Was supposed to, but I graduate here next week and go back home.

I’ll be getting my shots before I deploy, though.


I’m expecting sometime in April.

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You got to wait, you’re one of the youngsters here. :smile:

You’re hard to keep track of. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m an individual.

Say more about this, plz.

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If memory serves, as we know he switched over from ground pounder to whirly birds as a technician of some kind…and the squadron is going to do a tod in Poland, to drink good bier and spread the American seeds.

Yea, I knew about the MOS change but not about Poland. Polish women are kinda cool, IIRC.

So not to paint rocks, but to polish them?


Safe travels, Boro… check in when you can

They can be pretty hot Poland historically has had a broad reach across central europe…so it had a more inclusive Eurasian influence than some of its Neighbors (Poland had a larger joo pop. that Deutchland prewar) (op citato. Sophie’s Choice)

Poland was with the INF BN.
:kuwait: and :iraq: is the AVN BN

Also, I got my wings yesterday.


Congratulation Corporal!