Glickenhaus at the 24h of LeMans

Glickenhaus is an American hypercar manufacturer in New York, and they got their first podium in the 24h of LeMans. They believe they would’ve got p2 or p1 if they didn’t have an accident to repair, from which put them all the way back to p17.

They happen to be the first American manufacturer to podium since 1967.
They utilize supercharged GM engines (what looks to be the power unit from the C7Z06) in the road legal version

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Five years in a row for Toyota. Word is that Ferrari and Porsche are both spending very freely on next year’s game.

Yeah GR is doing well.

Also pissed about the C8R crash…

Seeing lots of Tourists on the 101 in their new Bronco’s

All I really see around here is the Bronco Sport. The full size version seems ti be rather rare.