Going pro

or semi pro I guess… going to start growing more for sale rather than personal consumption. I’m thinking I should be able to make $20k a year off the backyard pretty easily once I get setup better and everything rolling. Mainly focusing on being ready for next year since this year’s partly over but I’m going to try to sell some this year too a little to hopefully get business rolling, feel out the farmer’s market thing more, maybe pickup a restaurant or two.

So what I mostly plan on growing are fast growing, high yielding, higher priced, fast turnover crops… mainly lettuce and greens but some other stuff too like cherry tomatoes which I can grow buckets of. They call this SPIN farming.

Once I get the backyard profitable, then I’m going to do the front yard. :slight_smile:

And other people’s yards and lots.

But right now I need to get my backyard in order and first up is getting rid of some of these damn trees that have grown in on the fence line on the west side and are blocking quite a bit of light… I’ve sawed down several smaller ones with a hand saw today but I’m going to need to find someone with a chainsaw and a truck to help get rid of the shit to help with a few of them.

And I’m going to till up most of the backyard, move and condense the raised beds etc.


Look who’s gunning to join big farm.


No big farm or pharm here, just trying to do more commercial small scale farming, will do stuff organic and no pesticides, (Unless I’m really losing my ass lol.) :slight_smile:


Miracle Grow helps a lot.:grin:

I am very happy for you.

Gonna go buy this seeder tomorrow I thinks… $45, about half the price of one new. I guess they work fine for bigger seeds but not so great for tiny seeds. I’m thinking it should be fine for smaller seeds that have been pelletized though.

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