Good thing that toddler had a gun

Note: Florida
Note2: No charges have been filed

Well of course not, Floriduh is a stand your ground state, duh!

One thing I can promise y’all is, the boyfriend will be a “person of interest” at the very least, and quite possibly the cops will try to lay this shooting on him.

Because having no imagination is one of the things cops do really well, and they all know the man did it.

If only the poor woman had had a gun herself, this never would have happened. :roll_eyes:

I wonder if it was a gun that the cops took ownership of already

Do you really wonder that, Mr. Nobody Hijack My Threads?

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I’m just here to treat others with the same respect they treat me.

Just remember when you go postal, I have always been courteous with you.

I don’t intend to work for the government outside the mil.

It’s a figure of speech, pertaining to a spate of postal employees melting down on the job site and shooting co-workers, back when America was great. “Going Postal” became a catch phrase, like triggered or meltie/meltdown is now.

The joke went over your head.

I’ll get back to you on that.

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