Had to restore a backup

lost the posts from yesterday it looks like… sorry… it was the only way I could get the site back up…

The problem the site was having yesterday was that it was out of disk space… so I resized to a bigger server and that all went fine… so I thought what the hell, I’ll update the software too and after that nothing would get it restarted.

I need to setup a totally new server for the site soon and hopefully get ssl working on it too.


Look at the bright side

Some of Boros posts got deleted

An ill wind always blows some good and sich


It’s not like you lost Shakespeare’s works. We’re mostly all full of shit/bullshitting in any given post.


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Well, not me

Course not.

I posted a heartfelt treatise on a sure fire way to heal our political tribalism, but I forgot it and can’t recreate it.

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What about my Critical Analysis of Catcher in the Rye

Did it involve an asteroid?

Darn, I missed it.

If it didn’t it should have - things are getting exponentially worse by the hour - fucking cheeto is screaming at dead people

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How can anyone doubt that he’s mental?