Hello my name is Karen,I need to speak to your manager about this offensive Karen meme


She failed to learn the lessons of Copernicus, and is operating under the delusion that the Universe revolves around her ass.


“Due to the coronavirus pandemic going on right now, it’s tough to get in and out of stores, so I’m currently on Amazon looking for a fuck to give you. I hope I can find one.”



The employee after Karen asks to see the manager :joy:

So much MAGAstupid going on here, could it be real?

whoa nellie!

opinion on the thread is it’s acted. Still funny tho

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I loved the manager move, but that is a bit questionable in r/l

It’s an old Monty Python thing, can’t recall if it was the dead parrot sketch or the cheese shop sketch

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oh yeah, I think the Parrot sketch, and they probably rescued it from Vaudeville.