I’m Murdock. I have a chill forum and some crazy stuff went down with a few of you there on July 20, 2019.

I’m just here to say that I miss all the posters who left my site. Thought I would drop by and say hello :slight_smile:

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There be rabbits.

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Are Fappy, Gordon and Bigduke6 hiding down there?!?!!?


Please submit all your started and responded to topics in ascending and descending order by date within responder and responder within date at yer chill forum

please cross reference each by number of likes or karmas with sed givers karma or likes

So I can decide if I like you

If I don’t like you don’t feel bad cause I hate everyone


… but… but… they had an entire board designated to shitz&gigglez&fap pouts



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Well except for the Napoleanic Hall Monitor.


Yeah, it was quite a spectacle. But please remind Tony the Tiger that he has an account here too, and he promised me he was gonna bring the shitz and giggles EVERYWHERE we both posted, and I laid off of him on the two where had a panel, and our convo at BC was cut short by their rules change…So he’s had a good time rehashing MY history but HIS ticket ain’t been punched yet, and if he wants to stop in here and deliver on his promise I can guarantee him a party that anyone curious enough to stop by will be able to read.

Go on, tell him.

You of course are welcome here, AFAIK.


Yeah, what ever.

Put Biggie on a leash.

Not going to happen.

She could observe here what it’s like to disagree civilly.

fuck off


No YuO!


You two are going on Report!

Big is a savage flamer. I’ll never deny that. But in all fairness… what happened at my site should not have happened. I have a 12 year friendship with the man and he is reasonable with ME. I have no problem talking him off the ledge or about issues I am having with him… but timing is everything.

There was an issue between Gordon & Big on SG the morning of July 20… and then Gordon dragged that brawl back to my site by posting a trophy thread about it on MMP’s brand new fight board. We had just built the fight board less than a week before this happened. We were not prepared for what happened that day and I’ll be the first to admit that. But there was a lot more going on than just Big & Gordon that day…

Big mentioned that Gorgon was also reprimanded on BC and other sites for spam. He has said that Gordon is welcome back at MMP & SG if he stops spamming. Big also mentioned that Gordon is welcome to post his own threads and spam the sheit out of them ~ and that came from Big directly tonight. We have been talking on and off about July 20 since it all went down.

Big isn’t going to troll/flame on the upper/general boards at MMP… but the Fight Club is a different story. I did mention in the TOS that we are a troll/flame enriched community.

But I came here today because I didn’t want people to think that I am a bad forum owner or that I didn’t care about what happened… because I do care. I’m a new forum owner and I’m a poster with 12 years under my belt. I reached out to Gordon via pm when the fight between him and Big started on my forum. Based on Gordon’s response pm, I did not remove him from the Fight Club at his request. I talked to Big about the intensity level that he brought with him off of SG that day and he understands where I am coming from with that.

So… I hope that none of you hold any resentment or blame me for July 20.

Xoxo Purdy Murdy

Is bigs still a mod? If so, what you say shouldn’t have happened, WILL continue to.


You’r Cool Purdy Murdy, Biggie is a manchild in the Trump mold, as far as as forum behavior goes anyway.

He was deleting my memes, Rabbit’s memes…it wasn’t just Gordon he was bullying.

He’s a panel abusing fucktard and proud of it, when he’s not being a hypocrite about other people’s behavior.

I watched over a period of months when he decided to flame on the politics board at SG. It got worse, and nobody checked him. I gave up my panel rather than get into panel bashing with him, because if he doesn’t have the bigger panel he can’t win at that. Many of us saw that shit play out on TV long ago, we know how it is.

His singling out Ape for abuse started many weeks before it got really heated. He now says I was at fault for “coddling” lib posters but he says nothing about the shit HE posted that never got moved. He now likes to say I did an unbalanced job of modding the generals there, but at the time he backed me up unconditionally and in fact I was following HIS guidelines. When the generals started to become his personal litter box, I quit.

I don’t give two fucks how many hours you spend on the phone with Big, or how many times he tells his story about all that. You weren’t there when it started to go south, and I was.

And there is no wallpaper thick enough for you to redecorate your chill forum after the events of July 20, because such concepts mean nothing to him when he melts down.

And he will, apparently, on his own schedule. He’s your problem, but he won’t be mine.


Nor mine, I have enough difficult children in r/l

But Purdy, you seem to have a nice little forum going without all of us “Trump Hater’s” anyway, if your Sergeant At Arms can’t be brought to heel, then those of us you miss, you will continue to miss.