Hey Spoonie

That meathead whose head you live in… he says you should answer this question for him since he seems not to know the answer.

Thanks in advance.

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Bigly Smalls sure does overcompensate with his language lol… I used to do the same when I was closeted trans. Not saying he’s trans, probably just gay but for sure weak… As a woman I nor any of my friends would ever date a man who acted like that but I’m sure his online boyfriends love it.

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I’m just not sure he knows he is gay, but that would be strange if he didn’t even suspect.

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lolz hilarious…

Well Hay Maxx… don’t wanna leave you hanging but I had to go to the eye doc this morning cause I got some nasty ass foreign object in my eye and it’s still sore AF and I can’t focus on the monitor too well. I’ll have to get back to this tomorrow with the “reference” he alludes to.

For the moment though, I’ll just quote Atticus Finch, one of the Hoor Wars gals at TV, in 2008, later in the week when the SHTF between me and Roido and he was getting all braggadocious and badass about how he was gonna pay me back for busting one of his nickel & dime trolls… Atticus said to him, “Yes j00dog, everyone knows you can be RELENTLESS, and we also know the more PWNT you are the more “relentless” you get. And in this case, don’t entertain any doubt cause you’re PWNT.”


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So, what Atticus was referring to was, they gave me a local mod panel at Valhalla, for the Music sub and I didn’t know j00 nor he know me. He was one of the 16 Admins they had at the time and he was kinda hot shit upstairs cuz he had raided a couple of women’s forums and brought a dozen or more angry bitches to TV and they made a special section for them, the Hoors, about half of them were the victims whose men had fucked them over for Another Woman and the other half were Other Women so it was a perfect setup for the Hoors to go after one another. And because of this coup, j00 was pretty hot shit at the time.

So next thing I know I’m housekeeping in “my” little music sub and he comes in and starts shitposting, and I moved one of his posts…and then he panel abused me for the rest of the evening and of course nobody said shit except him.

And then about a week later, a week of him sobbing cause his ex had taken him to the cleaners in their divorce, he made a thread in the general about how he was getting some pussy that night, and of course a few people were like, sure, okay man, >snicker snicker< … and he called out the admin on duty and said hey, at 9 Imma walk over to this gal’s place, couple or 3 blocks. I’ll make a post here before I leave and another one when I get there, PLEASE compare my IP addresses in those 2 posts and verify that 2 specific numbers change but not the other ones, and verify in a post that it happened…this will prove what a cocksman I am.

LOL, I hadda comment and point out that for all we knew he was takin a taxi to the laundromat, obviously he was migrating physically a short distance but it didn’t prove jack shit. Fucker got livid and even called one of the emeritus Admins (Cranky I think) and had him go log in and prop up his troll, really pitiful. Cranky got on me and was like Don’t you know j00’s very tech smart and people should just take his word for stuff about IP addresses… and I sent Cranky back to bed too.

LOL after that I was j00’s enemy for life, in his book. So it was all about my nose, just like he still does it today, 14 years except for several in the middle, same old shit. It’s typical “flamer” stuff, like “if you’re fat or ugly it means your posts can’t hurt me.”

BTW the reason I spell it that way, with a LITTLE j and a double zero, is that the double zero is a roulette number but not a smart one.


but what did you have for lunch yesterday?

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So what you’re saying is, it’s his fear/loathing of my casually suave and urbane indifference for him, is what his childish diva jealous 'tude to me is all about? When you put it that way, it’s even more petulant, and pathetic than I’d even imagined. Gosh!

I pity the poor fool.

If you beg and then rage for respect, you gonna get respect. No?

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