Hmm..anti gunners wanna comment?

In what world would this ever be a good idea?

I count atleast 3 constitutional amendments it violates.

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Yeah, it won’t fly. Won’t even taxi.

Republicrats always tryina do the Unconstitutional.

If they wanna do that, I say they’re gonna need a warrant.

Dangerous guns and the criminals who own them need to be dealt with.



The only similarity between those is a human with a mental disorder, illegal ownership and etc.

I don’t think anyone disagrees about disarming criminals. Perhaps fixing laws already in the circuit would help.

See this,

Banning guns from lawful citizens isn’t banning guns from criminals, though.

I think you’d understand that, being someone in tune to the Marijuana market.

Also, enjoy the fact dropping meme

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Republicans Argue That Migrant Children Pose Far Greater Danger Than Assault Weapons

The government poses a great danger to migrant children


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Buying a gun should at least be as challenging as voting in a red state.


Imagine being anti gun when knives kill more.

Hmmm, is anyone intelligent enough to realize banning guns doesn’t stop deaths?

So the meltdown in Boulder would have still 10 people including a hotshot LEO, even if he had only had a knife? That’s incredible man!

Interesting, ignoring all the other knife kills that amounted to more than Boulder, and others combined.

You’re better than that.

No, I’m talking 10 people of Boulder unknown previously to their assailant, and the hundreds of others before them mowed down with semi-auto gunfire. Drug dealers occasionally kill their clients with too hot of a dose…should we compare those deaths with gun deaths too, how about the people overdosing on opiates after a brutal injury that got them hooked on the opiates, are they the same as sad boys with big boy guns?

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There are many issues that need to be addressed, trying to conflate them for confusions sake is not the correct path.

You think for just a second that banning a type of gun from lawful abiding citizens would’ve stopped Boulder?