Holy CBD, Batman

My local discount smoke shop is retailing CBD products now.

Haven’t priced them yet. All products are from Green Path which is a national producer of hemp-based CBD.

ETA Green Road, not Green Path. Takes a four-lane highway now that all the crony capitalists are getting on board.

Due to a quirk in our laws, hemp based cbd is not subject to the marijuana tax, but if your cbd is made from cannabis it is taxed, I suppose they’ll fix that, maybe.

Hemp based cbd is bullshit, it’s made from industrial hemp which could have pesticides or who knows what in it and probably lacks in the cbd department as well. I see a lot of these shit cbd products being sold for high prices all over the country. If it doesn’t have a CBD strain name like Harlequin or Charlotte’s Web etc I would avoid it


Just ran across this on FB. Don’t know the guy and not a biochemist, but found his argument interesting.

Sorry, no cigar.

He also used conventional chemotherapy. It would be very difficult to tease out what made his cancer go into remission. Asked the biochemist and he’s skeptical because he said that a patient could smoke enough marijuana that is equivalent of the extract, and we know there are heavy users, and science would have become aware of a population of heavy smokers that has a lower incidence of cancer than the average person. It’s not currently in the literature.

Good, those things cause cancer.

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Wait, he had non-small cell lung cancer that was inoperable. We aren’t told what stage it was at when he began treating it.

He credits both therapies, since he used them both.

However, I"m not seeking a cigar or trying to prove anything here. I presented the piece he posted which I think was strictly the opinion of a biochemist he knows abut WHY and HOW CBD oil works.

You weren’t being challenged. The science was being challenged. And I have consulted a PhD Organic chemist, sometimes called a biochemist as well.

And not to be ghoulish, butt I recall our own brother Nick was utilizing both forms of medication, we all saw his big grow ops and his rso production.

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Yes, if THC caused cell death and cured cancer, the pharmaceuticals would have patented it already.

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I think there are some actual medicinal benefits to the pots, and maybe more yet to be discovered, but I think it is going through a period of overoptimistic hype.

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I agree there are medicinal benefits to marijuana.

I’ve got a few chronic pains, that were relieved by cbd oil, but the shits expensive and I am pretty much used to aches and pains, as long as they stay at a low simmer on a back burner.

My grandmother used to use an old Mexican recipe. You can put marijuana leaves into 95% pure alcohol, you can find it in Mexican markets.

It eased her arthritic pains. It might be a cheaper way to go.


Tincture, used to make it by the fifth of everclear