House Intelligence Committee has filed its report

Read it and weep.

3 out of 4 Constitutional Law Professors today say this is an obvious slam duck, the GOP mouthpiece was more guarded in his outlook.

What does it matter - if it got this far it’s over - it’s pure fucking evil anyway

turn out the lights

Give it back to Mexico

House will impeach

Senate will acquit

What will WE, the American people, do?

I’m scared of the answer.


Indeed, his supporters are fucking scary.

Even those that aren’t supporters, but do so in fear of him. He actually scares them. The Senate is afraid of him.

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I just turned the radio on for a couple minutes, some GOP person is was going on and on about how this witch hunt is destroying the foundations of our republic etc etc, all I can think of “Hey asshole, how about the bull in the china shop you’re defending?”

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And there is little to nothing he can do to them.

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He has no political capital left.