House passes veto-proof upgrade to $2k,

and also makes the original bill veto-proof from the House.

Comment of the day:

“Mitch better have my money”


so is this for real, they’re really going to do $2k?

While I’m not a fan of increasing our debt even more, it’s hilarious that the Republicans wouldn’t answer how much Trump wanted and offered a measly $600, meanwhile Sanders and a couple other offered $2k just to have Trump spit in the $600.

I never thought I’d say this, but the savior here is Trump.

Not really, he had his boy Mnunchin involved in every step of the congresional process, then to swoop in at the last minute kocking the apple cart over, is just one more example of Trump willfully ignorant shot from the hip.




Moscow Mitch again turned down the $2k stimulus and said it’s socialism for the rich.

Does this guy know what the fuck he’s talking about? What about his corporate socialism?

He does. He knows he’s a lying hypocrite, he’s said in the past he will do what’s best for Mitch.