How Amazon is screwing the USA

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I love the 1-click ordering,
…and the easy returns - just have it picked up at your home. No need to print labels or anything. Then choose to be credited to your card or as store credit. Very convenient. Worked out really well for me recently.

Yeah. Remember what I said in that other thread? Yer a damn neolib, through and through.

You are far too short on perception to say who I am or am not, Lotus.


I thought Hat Dude was a classical librul… He’s said it many times. And his position on immigration is not very neolib even though his spending habits might be.

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He’s a neolib. He has no conscience about economic issues. Whatever makes his life easier is A-OK with him.

His anti-immigration stance is about bigotry. CONs are pro-immigration cuz it saves the captains of industry billions of dollars.

The video is full of bullshit

Is/are not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That has been my view and opinion for over 40 years, Lotus. I’m glad some of you Libs are coming in line with us Liberals on that.

PS: Obviously, Lotus would prefer I drive my gas guzzling 19 year old Camry the 50 miles to the nearest outfitter.

Yeah, sure it is.

I can stand listening to Jimmy Dore so I didn’t even bother clicking on it - I’ll take your word.

Hipster Lib, imagines he’s a Liberal.

Millionaire comedians. Yeah, I’m listening. :roll_eyes:

I’m guessing you made that assessment knowing nothing whatsoever about him or his politics, or the reality of Bezos’ evils.

Dore is a millionaire who’s making money entertaining a gullible audience he identified and cultivated, telling them what they want to hear. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.
You know the kind he appeals to, the trendy hipsters with their trendy trail runners, brand new fancy electric cars, living in their trendy homes in some trendy hipster community. Typical white Libs.

Yeah. You don’t know shit.

Why must you be like that, Lotus Bud? All the anger, the cursing.

Let me ask you this, Lotus. If you didn’t have the Jimmy Dores of the world telling you what hip and trendy thoughts to think could you make an unaided insightful observation about anything? I sincerely doubt it.

Folks - we live in an age where the youth are getting “news” and perspective from comedians, and you have to ask what’s wrong?

If this wasn’t smattered with personal insult, I would completely agree with you.

You should admonish all who do that sort of thing.

I apologize for playing tit for tat. Perhaps you missed the litany of personal insults directed at me earlier in the thread…and earlier today.

Honestly, if you want to believe my world view and opinions re politics are formed by someone else, you can go ahead and believe that. But it’s evidence of how lacking in powers of observation you are.

I posted the video because I knew this shit about Bezos BEFORE I saw the video, and most of what Dore says I have found to be true. I figured he was someone simple folks could understand.

But I forgot just how simple some of you are.

Yes, well some of you are simple also. :laughing: