How long has Donald Trump been wearing a girdle?

Donald Trump, absurdly vain, will have been wearing a girdle for decades. Photos show he was never fit-looking, certainly not since his late thirties. Packed into custom-made body-shaping corsetry, Donald Trump is further encased in a strategically-tailored suit. The tell-tale sign of what Donald Trump’s unrestrained corpus actually looks like, is his flabby jowl and sagging neck wrinkles. [ Statistics indicate that sales of men’s “shapewear”, has been on the rise, especially in recent years. Currently men buy (and wear) almost as many figure re-contouring items as women. Someone who invents a “neck-trainer” will make billions.]

Since Trump’s ubiquitous invasion of the public eye, his figure (and face) can be seen to vary from day to day. His anatomy shifts around like Jello. The curve that might be either Trump’s chest or his belly is perpetually on the move, affected by posture, the time of his meals and the evacuation of his bowels. He will require his corset to be loosened or tightened every few hours.

Trump had scalp-reduction surgery in 1989 to shrink a bald spot; his “hair” notoriously undergoes myriad strange mutations; he wears heavy make-up of ever-changing hues; he has regular injections and “plumpers” which produce a new group of lumps aimed to renovate the Donald Face. This Donald Trump, famous critic of female “ass”, must be in possession of an extensive wardrobe that boasts waist-trainers, girdles, corsets, butt-raisers, padded etcetera, prosthetic pecs and six-packs-big-time. However, it is doubtful as to whether he owns a mirror.

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Is this really what you spend your time thinking about?

Well only when he’s not investigating Benghazi.

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I just noticed he’s wearing some kind of weird girdle thing and looked it up, what a freakshow your Commander Bone Spurs is… :stuck_out_tongue:

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You was defending yer orange god long ago - telling

You must be stupid.

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