How To Grow Weed Easy

They’re getting a little yellow and ready for some pee water… there was a little leaf hopper type bug in there eating on a few of them… Fastest I’ve ever seen seedlings grow I think, topped them the other day, no fan in there either and they’re sturdy and stout little plants. :woman_shrugging:

I’d like to have like 300 cups like this but of clones not seedlings, because a clone is a mature plant that can be flowered at any point after it’s rooted…

Anyways though… the idea is to fill a 4x4 area, under a 600w HPS light, with cups of clones, and only grow them to about this size and then flip them over into flower/budding stage… then you’ll have like 300 cups that should be one big bud about 1/4 oz each… no larfy small buds… you’d need a 4x4 flood and drain tray setup to really do it… you just flood the whole tray and let them soak up the water then drain the water out so they’re not sitting in it.



So we bought 25 one gallon containers and two 4x4’ drip trays for the grow, hopefully we can eventually get a flood and drain system going where you have a reservoir that floods the tray every so often via a water pump, then it drains back into the reservoir. Sort of a pseudo hydroponic method. My friend is on her way out and she’s bringing one of my old 600w hps lights and an inline fan to cool it. .

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Next stage, 600 hps, one gallon containers… just transplanted, they languished a little too long in the cups but they will be fine… 1.5-2 weeks and they should be ready to flip into flower mode… when the fun really begins. :grin:

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I asked my girl Jodi to do the happy hemp dance for you.

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So the landlord came to visit the other day which is like the first time ever, my roommate panicked and put all the plants in the back of his van and disassembled the grow before she got here. Then of course she didn’t even go into the room or anything. They’re starting to stink we need to get some ventilation setup and a carbon filter.