Huuge if True! Betsy DeVos defies Trump

I always considered Betsy DeVos to you be rich useful idiot…but if she is telling us the truth here, well kudos to her.

The same Betsy DeVos who wanted to dismantle public education? Fuck her, and not in the fun way.

I agree with you on that score, but the fact she was realizing Trump is whack, is laudable.

A pretty low bar if you ask me, except exceptional amongst the moral midgets that remora to his fat orange ass.

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You’re right, and she is just one more in the steady parade of ex staffers to sell us a book explaining how they tried to corral the cray cray while inside.

I heard some comedian on someone’s talk show (prolly Colbert) who said “not impressed, the time to tell us all this was the minute you stepped down, not later when the book goes to market”.

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