I going out on a limb

When did that last work?

And you pretend that major work wasn’t going on behind the scenes as well and voter registration.

It wasn’t any one thing that anyone did, it was done by many approaches happening at once.

And most of it was peaceful, except by the cops.

We won’t win hearts and minds with violence. It won’t happen.

What about the vietnam war, another prime example of how change is only made at the ballot box…

From what I’ve read neither one of these periods were peaceful at all, they were looting, burning and bombing. Nevermind how unions went about getting us 8 hour work days…

People protested about the war for ages.

When did we leave, do you recall?

I was barely born yet but I do know that it was the protests that ended it, not voting for one shitty candidate or the other.

And when has it worked since. The 60’s and 70’s did work because of the many strategies at play.

But people got complacent and stopped voting. It brought Reagan in and they’ve won a lot more than this side has.

Vote people. Burning shit doesn’t work. Grow up.

When have people really been out in the streets since then? Occupy I guess…

Yes, they don’t care. It was new then, it’s not new anymore.

1 million+ women went to DC on Inauguration day. If we can get people to Washington it might work again.

Other than that…not happening, in my opinion.

Nominating Joe Biden isn’t working either obviously since you guys are already mad about losing. I don’t see the protests here ending until we arrive at some real change, which democrats aren’t offering either.

OMG, read the comments under this “News Conference” We may be fucked. Holy shit.

You’re scaring people in the middle into their camp, DERP

That’s the Trump campaign slogan, you obviously bought it. :slight_smile:

No, they did, Jeezus.

If they’re dumb enough to vote for more Trump to stop the protests that are occurring on his watch then what can really be done? They’re just boot lickers, sorry I’m not going to vote for more boot licking to compete with them. Instead of trying to out compete them on boot licking democrats need to offer something else other than their boots to lick.

Obama was the first semi progressive candidate ever which is why he won so hugely… but Democrats still don’t get it and still keep offering Republican lite… and “at least it’s not the other guy.” It doesn’t get people to the polls.

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It wasn’t really new then. If you read US history you’ll find plenty of riots where either feds or strikebreakers or Kluckers or other racists killed so many people they had to put them in mass graves. There is no use arguing with Billdo on this point. There is no arguing with the proposition that Joe and the neolib Dem party are who Billdo says they are. And Billdo’s mind is made up that not voting for the least odious party and its candidate is the way to fix things, after it worked so well for the most criminal party in previous elections. Fuck Billdo, we’ll have to do it with our votes and leave the ragers wherever they are. It is what it is.

I haven’t forgotten what a slimeball Bill Clinton turned out to be, nor can I forget all the moves Obama made that left me sobbing in the dark. FFS neither of them pardoned Peltier, now did they? Nor do I kid myself that it wouldn’t have been twice as shitty if those elections had gone the other way.

Here’s the only reason that Billdo cannot refute for voting Dem: If Trump somehow gets re-elected there will probably be six out of nine justices on SCOTUS by 2024 who are Trump appointees. And if that’s not enough reason for Billdo, there’s no point saying any more about it. Not for me, at least.

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You’re going to vote for whomever you want. No one can stop you.

You can vote for a losing candidate all you want. And maybe I will too.

Yeah, you’re right.

I’ll be holding my nose and voting for Biden but you guys still don’t get it and still don’t get why you’re probably going to lose… and why this country is going to go up in flames. Instead you’ll have a scapegoat when you lose like Nader, the protests, etc. etc. etc.

This election is to pull us back from the complete destruction of the US as a democracy.

That is all it is. It isn’t yet about turning this country 180 degrees. That evolves over time.

I’d like to buy a brand new Porsche and make a quick cross country road trip, before winter…but since I am a broke dick (ie, poor) that ain’t happening.