I Know Many of You Are Wondering

you guys need the medicated coconut oil for your sunburns and psoriasis.

Hrm…psoriasis you say…

I’m going to test that out on a friend of mine.

Hey Bil, can you take tincture in oil and mix it into coconut oil to make a salve type product or do you have to cook the weed right into the coconut oil?

Not sure about a tincture, it’s already dissolved into alcohol or glycerin at that point I believe. You could take a gram of BHO or Rosin hash oil though and cook it right into the coconut oil but it needs decarboxylated/activated first. Which I’d throw in the oven at 240F for 30 minutes to accomplish.

Long post on weed and psoriasis… old pics are gone…

I think I can get some topical stuff at my local dispensary. Seems easier than farting around with stuff at home.

it’s really not that hard… and hard telling what the dispensary is pimping, some shit made from fan leaves, who knows…

It’s just that I have young kids and can’t stink up the house :confused:

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I think there’s a way you can maybe make small amounts all inside a mason jar which contains the smell. Google it.

If you have to do the dispensary I would get a gram of BHO, decarboxylate it in the oven for a half hour, then dissolve that into a cup of coconut oil for a potent topical.

BHO? I’m being acro lazy.

I only have the psoriasis on my scalp. I would need some type of liquid rather than a tincture or salve.

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I wandered a lot these past days

So has this thread. Where have you wandered, rancid? What have you seen my blue eyed son?


Around my coffee bushes, scouting for any possible crashed UFOs or rusty leaves

Saw a snake but it wasn’t poisonous

What did you hear my darling young one?

Butane extracted hash oil, common form of hash oil.

the coconut oil liquifies at 70 something degrees…

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You guys really know your shit!

Now what’s that in Celcius?


Oh that’s right - Canerduh.

(F -32) / 1.8 = 22.2C

Just kidding - I like Canada. I’ve thought about retiring there but probably won’t be able to get in since I spent all of my money on camping gear and fashionable clothing.
I’d have to enter illegally but then I’d be like a hoser yo.

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