I made keto MOSTLY dairy-free pound cake, with keto lemon frosting

Almond flour, Coconut flour, vegan butter, coconut milk, greek yogurt swerve sugar for the cake and swerve confectioner’s sugar for the frosting, vanilla and eggs.

Realized I didn’t need to buy the spendy vegan butter because the Smart Balance we already use would have worked fine.

And the cake was not bad at all. Swerve tastes and measures like sugar but is made from monkfruit and erythritol, doesn’t have that nasty Equal/Sweet’n’Low aftertaste, and is 0 carb/glycemic load.

(pats self on back)



You could substitute Just Egg for the egg… My vegan roommate says baking is hard…

You can also make an “egg” from flaxseed. My issues are more with carbs, and the wife with dairy.

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