I went to the dark side

2016 5.0.
It’s the cushy base model so it has skinny wheels and super soft suspension/bland interior. First mods are gonna be wheels/tires and springs.

They’re coming out with an electric next year. 0-60 in the 3’s, expected 300 mile range

But issa crossover

They looked like 'stangs in the commercial

Go look up model mach-e

Yeah, it’s a crossover
Smaller than an SUV
Bigger than car

Ah, ok. I didn’t look that close, they were calling it a mustang and I thought it would be more like a mustang than a modern crossover.

Using Mustang styling, but it’s just like Chevy’s Blazer…crossover with cues of a Camaro.

Cute car.

Bromo is correct it’s similar to some models by Honda and others

The Honda Crosstour, several other brands have or had a similar model

sort of a mashup of suv, sedan/wagon.

I have only had one brand new car in my life, and it was black…this song was in heavy rotation on the radio and mtv at the time, it held special meaning for me as I would go out and hand wash it on Saturday mornings, and I had the disappointment on the 2nd or 3rd weekend when the swirl marks starting forming…Almost ever car looks good in black, but Black takes more work.




The mods have come.

I’ve already succumbed to the car parts bug.