I withdraw my offer to start a tribe and be benevolent dictator

So you want to live in an old age home with your neighbours? As the person taking over for you, I can arrange that.

BD’s assign there own successors dearie

I want to be yours! Come on Dukie. I’d do you proud.

You know - you could live like fucking gods


You could have one magnificent kitchen and dining area and a fucking machine shop on the savings on separate tools which would save more

I have said to my friends, if I ever win the lotto, I will build a commune where they will have their own homes but the pool, tennis court, gym, etc will be shared space.

I think it’s brilliant.

The trouble is, people suck and don’t get along all the time. In this day and age, people don’t know how to resolve issues. They just run away like little bitches.

I’d make everyone take courses on conflict resolution, anger management and building resiliency.

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It’s funny to hear Dukie, who crows about how far away his neighbors live and how much he doesn’t like people in his space, to talk about shared location resources.

Well, I just ain’t fucking taking anyone

This is why he needs someone more level headed and reasonable like me to take his place as dictator.

I’d be happy to join your commune… just as long as I get my own living quarters, my own stuff and I don’t have to interact with anyone.


I’d voat for ya

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You’re my kind of communer.

I’d still like to think you’d show up for Appy and Anal Ring Toss Night.

I never thot of Six as a COMMUNIST dictator.

While I like the idea in principle, I can foresee major problems. When ya set up the shop, ya need a table saw first. Do ya go Old Skool with a Delta Unisaw, or do ya go with a high tech Bessemer with digital everything? Yer power tools are a nightmare…yer chop saw, is it a Makita or a Milwaukee? And even in yer small stuff…Stanley tape measures, or Lufkin? Craftsman socket wrenches, or Wera Zyklop, or Harbor Freight?

It’ll be a nightmare, every one of the 5 will have their own ideas about every hand tool in the shop. And who will sharpen the chisels and drill bits?

And I ain’t even gonna talk about the cars. No siree.

The benevolent dictator decides these things - if the folks don’t like your ideas they can pick another benevolent dictator - this ain’t a for life position. It ain’t a prison. Who the fuck wants the job if the people don’t want you. I worked in a company for a BE and he was fucking worshiped

When ya start out yer gona have 5 fucking table saws anyway - when the shit ones wipe themselves out you go top of the line.

You can go with top of line everything with all the savings

Who the fuck is gona complain about having access to top of the line stuff

Where did I say we were gona have a meeting to decide brand names


Not if 6 won’t allow metrics

Then the shop won’t be fully loaded

Link to where I ever sed I was against metric -

I said anyone who thinks you can convert from dec to met is insane

I worked building mail equipment - a good third of it was metric - what the fuck do you think my boss sed
Hey 6 - we got a metric machine to build - it will fucking take 3 months but if you don’t like metric we will find a decimal job for you

I can tell an M8 X 30 MM by feel fucking blindfolded

Metric takes some getting used to cause it’s so fucking easy

But if you grow knowing 17/32 decimal is easy also

We know both here. I have tool sets in both. No biggie.

Don’t try to take a set of wrenches into fucking Canada - they get all bent out of shape and foam at the mouth

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Clearly it wasn’t your wrenches that did that.

I got tired so I stopped



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