If you hate weed, vote for Biden

The whole world wanted a crack down on the crack epidemic Bush 1 was dumping on America.

So if you hate weed, vote for Biden.

Also, if you like foreign countries meddling in our politics- vote for Biden aswell… since he’s running because “foreign politicals encouraged him to do so”

America First. Fuck Creepy Biden.

Any functioning adult with an above room temperature IQ in 2020.

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What is his CURRENT stance on marijuana?

He is a nice guy, but he is a fucking idiot -

Marijuana is a gateway drug; legalization is a mistake. (Dec 2010)

Course now he is gona change - like a fucking camelion

We’re in 2019.

So what - of course now he has to change

All the people I hang out with are now fucking heroin addicts - not

And I know as many people that smoked pot and then it’s mushrooms, and they try acid, and then meth.

It may not be a gateway for many, but it certainly normalizes the behavior.

You forgot toad licking.


Have you ever worked with women smoking crack and at risk of having their children taken?

I have.

My Son’s Mom adopted two meth kids…not long after the mom had been through a treatment residential program and had a job and was on the verge of getting her kids back and then went on a major relapse and ended up in jail again.

That’s pretty coomon. It’s terrible for those families.

Sadly, I had a cousin who smoked marrywana’s and now he’s all old an wrinkly an shit.

This deeply saddens me, thoughts and prayers.

Fcking Biden!

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Biden is anti weed AND racist.

Nice :slight_smile:

So’s Trump, so there’s that.

The Blacks love the Trump tho.

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