I'm too poor to go to the movies

and I don’t do netflix. But I found a site that has some
good quality uploads of films. Not too much in
the older stuff. Mostly recent releases.

Just watch out for the popup crappy adds.

Got to watch Aquaman, Journey 2, and FB: The Crimes
of Grindelwald.


Is it back up - prolly illegal

ya gots to watch out fer viruses and sich

How about redbox? It’s definitely affordable.

When I don’t worry about weather issues, I actually
go to a local rental place. Last one in town.


One thing I miss about going to the Cinema’ is the warehouse popcorn, with synthetic butter flavoring.

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I stopped going when they stopped showing the 3 stooges


I don’t think we have any left in SJ.

Here ya go,…


I remember seeing Snow White and the Three Stooges when my mom would buy me 10 tickets for 5 bucks for the summer, each for a movie over the 10 saturdays in the summer

I threw up grape snow-cone in the quad across the way after this movie

I was 8

Score, count it!


Saturday Morning

Family theater - 300 kids

2 cowboy pictures
at least 5 if not more cartoons

7 cents

not kidding

I pay six Dolla for the old folks matinee. Fresh popcorn too.:grin:

My library has a lot of DVD’s, audio books and CD’s. A fair number of the DVD’s were just released.