Image upload issues?

They’re not working for Apeman since I switched servers, I was wondering if they’re working for everyone else. Feel free to test images out in this thread if you want. Please let me know.

Also I’ll probably be doing some work on this site later tonight if you have any issues posting etc or it’s down.

I need to upgrade it all via command line and it could take awhile.

Only in Canada.

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The only issue I have is the limitation on photo size. It went away months ago, but just started again. It only happens when trying to upload pics from my phone. I can upload the same pic from my desktop without any problems.

Is there a server setting on your end that restricts photo size? Is it tweakable?

Sorry, the image you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 3072KB), please resize it and try again.

is that using the uploader? there’s a few different ways to post images…

  1. you can upload with the uploader.
  2. you can copy an image and paste it into the browser editor
  3. you can copy a link to an image and hotlink it by posting the link in the browser

Yeah I can only do images so large or else before I know it I’m going to have an overwhelming number of gigabytes of photos. Your photos sound like they’re totally uncompressed maybe.

Also there’s a dimensions restriction to 1920x1080. Which is hd size and I can get around 400kb compressed at an 8 setting (80%?) in photoshop…


If you have large images it’s probably better to upload them to an image site like imgur or photobucket and then paste the link to them in the forum.

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Yes i think its the uploader, i click the upload link then then it lets me opt for where my phone to select from camera etc i clink the link and paste and then wait…

I had some trouble this afternoon hotlinking pics from FB and Google image but they all turned out on second glance to be big ass pics. My workaround was to d/l them and use a photo editor to compress the sizes, then use the uploader to get them on here.