In which is started an amusing collection of flatulence humour

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Dr. Epstein was a renowned physician who earned his medical degree in his hometown and then left for Manhattan. "Soon he was invited to give a speech in his hometown. As he placed his papers on the lectern they slid off onto the floor and when he bent over to retrieve them, at precisely the wrong instant, he farted, and the microphone amplified it throughout the room. He was embarrassed but regained his composure to deliver his paper. As he concluded, he raced out the stage door, never to be seen in his hometown again.
Decades later when his elderly mother was ill, he returned to visit her. He reserved a hotel room under a false name, Solomon Levy, and arrived under cover of darkness. The desk clerk asked him, “Is this your first visit to our city, Mr. Levy?”

Dr. Epstein replied, “Well, young man, no, it isn’t. I grew up here but then I moved away.”

“Why haven’t you visited?” asked the desk clerk."

“I did visit once, many years ago, but an embarrassing thing happened and since then I’ve been too ashamed to return.”

The clerk consoled him. “Sir, while I don’t have your life experience, one thing I have learned is that often what seems embarrassing to me isn’t even remembered by others. I bet that’s true of your incident too.”

"Dr. Epstein replied, “Son , I doubt that’s the case with my incident.”

“Was it a long time ago?”

“Yes, many years.”

The clerk asked, ‘Was it before or after the Epstein Fart?"


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This kid comes home and proudly announces to his parents “Mom, dad, the teacher asked the class a question today and I was the only one who knew the right answer!”

The parents are very happy and ask, “That’s amazing Donnie! And what was the question?”

Sticking out his chest, Donnie says, "Who farted?”

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Yesterday was National Fart Day.


Because it was 2/10.

(Europe observes this on October 2)

Looks like Vancouver BC a little, dunnit?

Trump is right, too much regulation is killing are businesses!

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