This dude made so much money, they say he sold heroin but all they ever caught him with was millions in weed. Most of the big rappers these days come from the south, where weed is still illegal, this dude didn’t make his money off rap. :slight_smile:

That was a fascinating video. :slightly_smiling_face:

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lol he’s taking all that money on the plane to his weed dealer out west

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This dude Young Dolph from Memphis was worth like $12 mil when he got murdered earlier this year. Never even had a hit lol… He’s on the plane with the stacks too lol

Would it be worth it to live 10 years as a multi millionaire but after it was over you had to do 5 years in the pen?

I want to either have a decent income (I only have a modest house but it is in a beautiful area) or be rich legally.

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