Is Elon Musk's ambitious Mars colonization plan viable?

lose the " and open it

fox sucks

Rudy’s on the midway
And Jacob’s in the hole
The monkey’s on the ladder
The devil shovels coal
With crows as big as airplanes
The lion has three heads
And someone will eat the skin that he sheds
And the earth died screaming
The earth died screaming
While I lay dreaming of you
Well hell doesn’t want you
And heaven is full
Bring me some water
Put it in this skull
I walk between the raindrops
Wait in Bug House Square
And the army ants
They leave nothin’ but the bones
And the earth died screaming
While I lay dreaming of you

There was thunder
There was lightning
Then the stars went out
And the moon fell from the sky
It rained mackerel
It rained trout
And the great day of wrath has come
And here’s mud in your big red eye
The poker’s in the fire
And the locusts take the sky
And the earth died screaming
While I lay dreaming of you


Maybe trump could send the illegals to Mars

I would like to go, if regular people could go. I wouldn’t want to hang outup there with a bunch of billionaires. I can’t think of anything more irritating.

There are no escalators on Mars - you would not like it - and the rest of it pretty much sucks

It makes Mordor look great

I think the last time I was on an escalator was at the big Macy’s in NYC about four years ago.

It would be like living in the desert, but having to wear a big bulky suit and helmet every time you go outside. I’m not interested in no shit like that. Fukk Mars.

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Dude, Free Candy Bars

My grandfather was a Mars candy bar salesman.

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Every once in a blue moon, my Dad would respond to something by saying “Give that Man a Mars Bar!” I guess it was a catch phrase form some old quiz show he’d listen to on the Radio when he was a Kid, or that’s what the contestant won or something.

The precursor to “Give that troll a cookie”?

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Yeah probably.