Is the site/server acting funky for you this morning?

Seems doggy and errors here and there here…

well it seems to have picked up as soon as I posted this…

I haven’t had any weirdness today.

fine here

Probably just my shitty ISP

No problems here.

I think it’s because I forgot I was downloading this website I’m working on.

My firefox crashed about 6 times in the last day.

I blame BD6.

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Firefox never crashes on me, since I don’t use it.


Thank you! I hate FF!

It used to be called Netscape Navigator but it sucked so bad they had to change their name to Firefox…


EXACTLY! Why doesn’t no one else know this?

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Reminded me of it right away, still applies a lot of the same type of bullshit Netscape styling to the web pages and the pages load the same way, then I saw that it was Mozilla and remembered that Netscape Navigator was a Mozilla deal.

I have it on my computer but only to sometimes check websites I create to make sure Firefox/Netscape Navigator isn’t displaying anything too funky.

Chrome is the best web browser ever for whatever faults etc. it might have, far better than IE, Firefox and the rest.

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Best all around browser next to opera

I read that Firefox supports an FTT, anyone else hear that?


You are correct sir!

Nutscrape, in whatever manifestation needs to die with actual fire.

What do you Firefox haters use? I do not like Chrome, and I despise Netscape Navigator.

I use IE on my desktop, Chrome on my laptop and I think Chrome on my android. Not sure about my tablet as I never use it.

In a nutshell I just use whatever comes with it. I’m too lazy to upgrade.