Is the term "butt pegger" homophobic

I vote calling people “niggers”, “sand niggers”, etc is racist.

Remember, pegging isn’t just a homosexual act. Also very common in straight relationships.

He was born in the North, not the South.

Jim Crow started after reconstruction and ended when he was young.


You were referring to BUTTIGIEG though.

So you admit I’m right.

No, he wasn’t born in the 1870’s

Vote and STFU.

Just admit you’re wrong, Oak. Admit that Racist6 is a racist, and I’ll apologize for calling your corrupt Democrat fav a buttpegger.

Vote folks.

Of course it’s homophobic. I notice Homophobbot seems to willfully misunderstand the question as asked.

It’s hard for me to discern the purpose of the poll with all the racket from Boro, but my short answer is “probably not.”

“Pegging” has had a long and consistent service to describe a female anally penetrating a male with a strap-on, often including a reach-around. I’m not aware that it’s been used to describe homosexual anal intercourse…nor have I seen indications that males receiving such penetration necessarily view it as homosexual.

“Butt Pegger” (which is the term under examination) has no common currency AFAIK and I’m regarding it in the present context as a coinage by Boro or perhaps members of his social circle. There is consequently no way I can even guess what it’s intended to convey, and because it sounds like a seventh-grade insult I don’t even care to try.

I haven’t researched the term, so of course I could be completely wrong in my assumptions. And not to repeat myself, but even though the term itself isn’t homophobic in my book, there is no telling where Boro is coming from with it … and his intention could be so, or not so.

I agree. If it were exclusively heterosexual behavior, why would he apply it to “Mayor Pete”?

I’d like to see more heterosexually oriented terminology used in discussing people.

“I have it on reasonable authority that the Senator from Ohio prefers the missionary position”

Why do only the gays have that privilege?

He’s the crooked fuck who fired his black Chief of Police to help the white officer the Chief was investigating for the wrongful killing of a black man…


you share my sons opinion

Nuff said

He keeps going there. If he doesn’t agree with his management style as mayor or his politics, fine.

His sexuality is not relevant to either.

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Then there’s THIS… :grin:


That was the joke.

Lighten up, jesus christ :joy::joy::joy:

Also libtards: I hope that piece of shit gets shot in the head

You’re right.

He’s still a shitbag.

I recall Trump saying “it was just a joke” after some of the horrible things he’s said.

I don’t recall saying any horrible things. A joking play on someone’s name isn’t an insinuation to sexually assault anyone. Apples and oranges… it’s like your favorite game now or something. Sorry, move on.