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Give the man his money.

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Fuck the cake. How about his income?

Not the gist.

Sanders’s proposed tax is on the 1% or some part of the 10%. None of us makes ten million dollars a year, and his tax won’t affect us.

Has no one mentioned this to you tards yet?

But I might be a bazillionaire some day and don’t want to pay an extra bucks on it!

Fuck off.

His numbers don’t add up, it’s why he refuses to address them.

I find that math is a YUUUGE problem on the left.

What ISN’T a human right these days?

Government has to provide - and all for free

  • housing
  • healthcare
  • education
  • defense
  • pension

Anything Americans should be paying for anymore? And does anyone have to work to earn any of these things?

Oakie, the meme is just a joke.

So is the Democratic party, that’s why we have fucking Trump.

Between everything for free and “wokeness”, we’ve become a bunch of loons.

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