Is this racist? I don't like to share racist jokes

I think it’s pretty cool how Chinese people made a language entirely out of tattoos.


The wife is listening to the Olympics and some fella sed he fetched a DNA test was only 16 percent Italian

I am like

What’s the bad news - it could have been a lot worse - it could have been 17 percent


Older folks don’t need tattoos, they have age spots.

/shakes fist in your general direction

There is this Italian congressman - Lou Barletta

he was mayor of the town where I grew up and cost the town 2 million dollars trying to get rid of illegals

the town still owes 2 million and he could give a fuck less (the town don’t have a pot to piss in) Hazleton Pa

the ACLU sued for legal fees trying to stop him and won


A fucking loudmouth idiot italian trying to get rid of illegals - THATS FUCKING RICH

He is now sucking trump cock and is writing trumps immigration policy if trump wins

I fucking can’t stop laughing - a fucking Italian trying to get rid of illegals - SMH

ya can’t make it up

I might add the dead town was starting to thrive with the illegals until they left cause of Lou

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I want one of those. That and an Enes Kanter jersey…

oh and the I Drink and Know Things t-shirt…

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Thank you for your contribution to this coonversation.

Nigger killed 2 nuns in Mississippi

Definitely the wrong thread.

Agreed, Admin could you move the above post to the “All Black People are mindless killing Machines” thread? TIA.

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We have one of those?!

In room zero

Why don’t Mexicans cross the border in threes?
The sign says NO TRES-PASSING.

What did Davy Crockett say when he saw all those Mexicans coming towards the Alamo?
“Who ordered the concrete?”

Why do Mexicans suck at the game Uno?
They keep stealing the green cards.


The problem with Chinese women…
A half hour after sex, you’re horny again.

Did you hear about the Eskimo girl who spent the night at her boyfriends?
When she came out, she was already three months pregnant.

What color was the ground at General Custer’s last stand?
White. The Indians just kept coming and coming.

Who killed more Indians than General Custer?
Union Carbide

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