I've been thinking about Stubby and wondering why he's so ate up about me

I recall that back during my military service I was in the Dominican Republic for a couple of months, and I got weekend R&R passes on 3 occasions where I was able to catch a Navy hop to the San Juan naval base in Puerto Rico, and do some partying for a couple of nights, and then fly back to D.R.

I was young and full of wild oats…I wonder if maybe I might have banged Stubby’s mom, or one of his other relatives. Could there possibly be a “Luke, I am your father” moment down the road somewhere?


Dunno, did you bang some woman there who was really short?

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TBH I can’t recall. No Little People, but a couple of them were probably “spinners” cause I was into that.

One imagines Smallzy’s mom would have a sign on a post at the front of the line that says “You must be dumber than this post to ride this ride”.


The you semens motto was always “Any port in a storm”

As you know he’s had a half roll of Tum’s for me, for quite some time, although lately he’s calmed it down some.

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I hear there’s been some interesting developments at BF and the place has a new fresher look. Too bad Maxx has taken the summer off just when the IP address sharing between those two nasty ass Vancouver bitches came to light and their dear friend Roido got himself Sandboxed.


I don’t keep track of every scene in the hemorrhoid rager’s delusion, but he def. seems more manic and feverishly desperate the last several days.

You’re welcome!


just kidding…sorta…yes, just kidding

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