Jury took less then 30 minutes

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His poor mom says he was injured as a boy and suffered from depression. But evidently she thought it was okay for him to drive around Little Rock with a loaded gun in his hand.

Lock her up too.

I doubt it took all of the 30 minutes.

I bet they all got coffee, and went to the toilet too.

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Ya know the wife will not let me have an AK to deal with tailgaters and sich

I can’t think of more the a dozen times I would have used it in the last year

And I really don’t care about people cutting me off cause I just wanna get home - they could cut me off all day long


What is amazing is that they can’t drop back a hundred yards - it’s not gona take any longer and if I have to stop they are going to hit me

I have a bad tendency to slow down when I’m being tailgated.

All the way down to the posted speed limit.

I’d prefer to have a flame thrower.

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I fantasize about a vaporizing weapon, where they go POOF. No evidence left behind.


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Tapping the break pedal just enough to flash your lights can often get them off your ass.