Just me an my trusty 6 String and a Brazillion Watts sent through 100 Folded Horns +/-

(Technical specs made up on the spot, but I think you get the gist)

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OMG, just listened with the 'phones…lot’s of information coming out of that set up.

Pretty obvious…the raincoat eliminates feedback.

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My new “hifi” headphones really reveal that

Methinks there’s a LOTTA trickery involved in that clip.

First? “Rock and Roll”, Led Zeppelin.

Second: “don’t fear the reaper”

Third: “Johnny B Goode”

After that, no one could hear anyway, but:

First runner-up: Let It Rain.

I would toss in ‘Godzilla’ for good effect as well, unless you think that’s too much BÖC.