I’ve been putting some baby kale in my salad mix and it’s good, can’t taste it. I had a bunch come up on its own and I pick the smaller leaves, it’s starting to get big. I got a nice patch of mature kale plants though that I don’t know what to do with, maybe make some kale chips out of. Does it go bad or taste even worse as it gets older or as the weather gets hotter?

I notice if you let them go into a second year they put out a shit load of seeds.


Here’s my mature patch of kale… maybe a 4x4 spot but that sure is a lot of kale.

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Yeah, baby kale and micro kale – the only way to go with that shite.

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stuff grows fast and easy, I need to try growing the micro greens again.

How do you grow the micros? I really love them.

oh it’s really easy it looks like and there are several videos on the tube…

People grow them in nursery trays usually, just a small amount of soil, and they plant it very heavily, also you can germinate them stacked on top of each other… then they cut them with scissors when they harvest them. I see people growing them under cheap fluorescent shop lights and in green houses… a single shop light will do about 2 trays.

what you have to do is a little research and find a good seed place that sells seeds by like the oz… a search for “microgreen seeds” would probably do it…

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If I may ask can you list the micros you like fav first?

Cilantro, broccoli, kale. I also buy some sort of red leaf Asian lettuce, I think.

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Cilantro seems too strong for salads for me, is it milder in micro form? I just use it for Mexican type stuff.

Yes. They’re all milder in micro form, in my experience.

I make salads with arugula, radicchio, and micro greens. Sometimes add seaweed.

I had a patch of arugula in front of the kale, same size but it went to seed. Do you prefer the frilly leaved kale or the smoother leave type like I have?

I really detest kale. I buy whatever is there and chop it up and mix it in with other kinds of lettuce so it’s unrecognizable.

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Yeah I don’t like it either I just try to eat a little for the health benefits.

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Sometimes I do miss LaGuardia.

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Yeah, Roose.

Hey, @Billdo. I watched a couple of videos. They say to grow the micros in a flat, and to cover them while they’re sprouting. What can you cover them with? I don’t want to buy a bunch of crap.

I want to grow them in the yard, but we have issues with critters eating stuff. Maybe once I remove the cover, I’ll bring them inside – at least at night.

you could cover them with anything, but generally I see them stacking the seeded flats on top of each other, then unstacking them as they sprout.

even a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the try will hold the humidity in.

Ah. Perfect.

pee on the ground around them to help keep the critters away, mark your territory. :wink:

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