Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet

The libs fired her though.

You said you wanted to do it as well.


Glad to see they have standards.



That goes back to the “I treat people how they wanna be treated” kinda thing, and wasn’t I talking about Lotus there?

Did you conveniently skip over the rest of that quote?

So when you said you wanted to create an effigy of Lotus’s severed head, you didn’t actually want to create an effigy of her severed head?

Nah. It was supposed to make her realize she has a cuntish double standard.

But she’s a libtard teacher so… everything she does is golden and right.

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The end result is this: if you don’t want a bloodied effigy made of your family or you, but you applaud this stupidity, yer fucking wrong. Simple as that.

People treat others as they wish to be treated, usually. I don’t abide by that since it’s rather foolish. I treat others as they wish to be treated, if they treat others with violence and hatred… that’s my permission.

But two wrongs don’t make a right.

Has it occurred to you that if the Trumptards not gone stark raving mad shrieking in faux moral outrage and thereby putting the pic on the front page, making it the hot topic du jour. We wouldn’t be arguing over whos insult is the worse.

OK, so Boro seems to think he’s a conservative who thinks it was wrong then and it is wrong now, even though he clumsily expressed his desire to do it as well.

What about the other 99.999999% of conservatives who only think it’s wrong now?

Then they’re wrong. But atleast currently they’re right.

Wabbit, let’s not be disingenuous here. Boro’s point was if you’re okay with Kathy doing it to Donald, you should be okay with someone doing it to you or else you’re applying a double standard/hypocrisy.

He didn’t say he wants to make one of Lotus with his hypothetical point.

@E_Normus_Johnson 's nuanced position on the photo. Yeah. That COULD be read as disapproval and condemnation.

Gee, did Bromo suggest that your head be “severed” and photographed?

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@Borommakot, I think you’re a little confused there, buddy. I myself would never have made a photo like that, so don’t get on your high horse about the golden rule, sonny. And I clearly stated it was darkly funny. That means not laugh out loud, clean as a whistle funny. DARKLY funny. Have you ever laughed at anything dark?

My defense of her is largely from an artistic standpoint. She’s a goddamn comedian, and her comedy has always been pretty fucking dark. She in no way, shape, or form threatened Trump. She just did something creepy. Get over it.

But this is the question you leave unanswered: Duke, Billdo, Spoon, Bro, and Wabbit ALL laughed at it, yet I don’t see you making the same hysterical suggestion to them. Is it less acceptable for me to laugh at the pic than for all those men to do so?

@Borommakot That’s you treating me the way you’d wish to be treated? Really. You little fucking hypocrite.

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I’m sorry, how does that work? If you support one you have to be ok the other?