Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet

“People treat others as they wish to be treated, usually. I don’t abide by that since it’s rather foolish. I treat others as they wish to be treated, if they treat others with violence and hatred… that’s my permission.” - me

Oh fuck! Victim mode is in full swing up in here.

I’m glad it’s not directed at me.


Aren’t they each just different forms of mockery?

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I just picked someone and ran with it. You being a female didn’t matter.

Bullshit. You’re a hypocrite, and you are also logically challenged.

Lazy, and wrong. I’ve posted more somewhere in these 165 poasts. My position was clearly stated.

Back in yer yurt, woman.

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How is either mockery?

Yeah, mine was pretty clearly stated, too, but some people enjoy putting words in others’ mouths, while others don’t have the courage of their own convictions. And some people are too self-unaware to know which group/s they belong in.

You can tell you made a valid point based on how shrill the shrieking gets.


I’m trying to figure out what you’re saying. Does not compute :blush:

They are all just vulgar insults, like have been cast on leaders, probably forever.

I don’t think talking about sexually assaulting women is a vulgar insult. I think it’s discussing the particulars of crime.

What Kathy did was an expression in poor taste.

How am I a hypocrite?

How am I logically challenged?

Atleast I’m not a fat right or left dingbat I guess?

He did say that with his point, which was exactly as hypothetical as Kathy Griffin’s.

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Posing those two questions is proof of my point about you being logically challenged.

Teach me, oh wise one.

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Kathy actually made the image though. Boro didn’t.

What does that have to do with anything?

I’m sorry, but did you really miss the point Boro was making or are you just taking the piss?