Legal Cannabis in Australia

Our capital state has just legalized 50 grams of dried cannabis and two plants per person up to 4 per house.

It however is still federally illegal which means if you are caught you can now only be charged with felony drug crimes against the commonwealth.

Which you probably don’t want,

Also, what do you think the queen of england smells like? I’m guessing like pickled anchovies.

If you smoke the devil’s lettuce, you will take on negroid behaviors, is that what you want?

That’s a rather niggard way to see your fellow man.

The illegal places are where the real money in it is, the more illegal, the more $$$ to be had if you’re not stupid and scared. Growing weed was the best line of work I’ve ever been in. Getting ready to get my grow on out here I hope. Legal but still the most valuable cash crop.

For me the economics of it is simple. I am a proficient gardener, If I can cheaply grow enough legally for myself and for half a dozen friends. That’s already a regular salary there. I can do that on top of my agriculture projects and my network engineering.

I can make my own food, I can produce my own smoke. That leaves a considerable amount of disposable income.

I am just waiting for the law to catch up with my dream.

Gardening is a hobby I already have a decent skill set in. I am pretty good at all kindas of agriculture. Hunting husbandry, herding, aquaponics, farming. I am pretty self sustaining. As with the start of next year I am beginning my certs in horticulture. I am mostly straight edge. Not for lack of capacity, but more motivation. People mainly offer you money to do shit, and it’s kinda old. There is very little I can do with money that interests me. The things I am interested in I build with my actions and my hands. Even work I only need because it gives me something to do that I can take pride in.

I do consider opening a head shop when it legalizes here because I have always wanted to work on my own strain.

Why wait? Carbon air filtration is a wonderful thing.

Mostly because if you have a gun the police rock up for random inspections. I want to keep my record clean.

But yeah charcoal filters are pretty good these days.