Looks like Bastard Factory is shutting down its political section

Apey, any idea why? There was no obviously named thread on the subject, just that the forum was renamed to include a stop date of Jan 23. One presumes the snowflakes could not tolerate a dissenting voice to the point of shutting it down.

Not entirely certain why that is, It may be possible some n00b has been over there poking at the Trumptards with a pointy stick, which caused a loud uproar of a small but prima donna core group, that demanded a return to their previous safe space echo chamber ways…

I think maybe @BF himself got tired of the endless fag laming. Also the prima donna corps refused to stay on that side of the street, and the earlier core group from last year just quit reading and posting. Maybe he wants them back.

He lost me due to what I consider unclear moderation policies and insufficient mod supervision, and while I could have stayed to fight for my turf I just didn’t see it as “my” turf to defend. Plus, too much going on in DC for me to argue with those fuckwads any longer.

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I (or possibly one of my alter egos) checked at BF yesterday to see if the Admin had kept his promise to close the Politics board, and evidently he has (or at least has relegated it to the broom closet.) But he had a new thread announcing his new vision and I had to post something to show my approval, breaking my radio silence of …dunno, maybe ten days or 2 weeks standing.

Looked in this morning to see copious tears of rage from the usual suspects, not just about me of course, and also to verify that at least one smallish twit with enlarged tear ducts had been over here licking the windows again.

That cat is ate up, is all I got to say.


the allegory of safe spaces.