Looks to be all blue

And with no balance in the government now, I see the impending doom of combustion engines, self defence, and rising rates of homelessness…

Well, that’s already California. Banning ICE, but can’t produce power for the few electric vehicles they have. Paying homeless people to stay homeless… good times. :grin:

I agree, we should be bussing the homeless to TX and FL.

D’s do have more leeway in Congress, especially if we get the 51 in the Senate, but we do not have a super majority meaning the filibuster still applies, and the jury is out on the House balance of power.

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It’s all gravy until you realize homeless dudes can get paid $650/wk just to exist.

That’s a lot of weight on the backs of Californian taxpayers.

Agreed, it’s cheaper to just get them into an apartment. Then they’re not homeless also.

That mini housing thing seems promising.

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I’ve not heard of that.