Love It Out Here Part 8

Ate some shrooms today and went on an epic 5 mile hike today along part of the Pacific Crest Trail to Dry Creek Falls which was super awesome… this unemployed life is great… :slight_smile:




Gott Damn I love the state that I was born in, lucky me. @Billdo Thank You for sharing your expeditions into it.

…and I wants you to too know i liek you and your “roommate’s” excursions


I would never see this area if it weren’t for your photos.:slightly_smiling_face:

I thought this was a great pic of my friend/roommate in front of the waterfall yesterday.


What is this???

I think I’m some kind Oregon flora type group I’ll ask them.

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Oh crikey, I’m fb with Zach Urness outdoors writer for the Salem paper, search him on fb and friend I’ll shoot it to him. he or one of his followers will know.

Nice leggings, she just might be able to pass as a local.

I’m in permanent facebook jail and can’t friend anyone.

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She does, she’s blonde and blue eyed so they assume she’s a racist like they are.


Holy sh*t. It looks like some kind of alien plant. Check back in a couple of days to see if it has developed a pod.

Posting it on his page didn’t get all that much attention so far…

Zach Urness
Holy cow. Greg Lief, any thoughts? That’s a wild looking flower.
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Greg L.
That’s crazy! I doubt that it is native, but I will repost it in the Oregon Wildflowers group to see if anyone can ID it.

Greg just responded in the last few minutes.

I don’t think it’s native…


Jessica B
Huh looks like passion flower.
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Greg L
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That sounds right. Thank you!
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Peg F
I would agree!
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Peg F
Definitely Passion Flower
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A passion flower of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

The consensus of the group, Non-native.

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Yeah, I’m a dork, didn’t think of image searching

Portland today, obviously under siege! By my new condo on S. Waterfront :slight_smile:

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More in the business part of downtown… blocks from the “riots.”

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The rioters come out after midnight, they come out through the manhole covers.

passion flower from a passionflower vine

eta…oops, I just saw that Wabbit answered already.

I have that vine. There’s a butterfly called a Fritillary (one of the 14 types) that only reproduces on this vine. It sort of looks like a monarch, but it’s not.

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