Love Portland

It has been hot and summery here for the past week or so… I miss the gloomy, cool, rainy days. I’ve acclimated to the weather…

I really love it here and love the fuck you, far left revolutionary attitude, proud of my city for standing up for what’s right, seems like the place for me…

Now if we can just get rid of these pigs…

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Portland is a disgrace and should be napalmed.
Meat eaters and 0 fashion trends there anyway.

Yeah Portland is only home to at least 3 of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world. Thanks for playing.

Yeah, what the world needs.
More corduroy and plaid.

Nike, Addidas and Columbia to name a few. Plus several smaller startups.

I’d guess it’s Jodie again without looking…

Left wing trash companies.

All supporters of BLM and outsourcing cheap labor while the American inner city blacks and other minorities riot over lack of opportunity.

Prove me wrong.

So minorities are only fit for cheap labor jobs? Is that your contention?

Depends on their skill set.

We let anyone in these days and the’re not as crafty with their brains as they might be with their hands over the last 20 years.


Habla ingles?

Go see this


I LOVE the Portland Japanese Garden. I’ve heard it’s the most authentically laid out on the West Coast, if not the whole country.


It has been on the bucket list!


And see this

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It’s not one of the cheapest rides in town. But it is way cool.


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lolz hilarious


It was a beautiful day today… the cherry blossoms are in full bloom…