LR, I have a win win proposition for you

I know how big of a fan of Cyndi Lauper you are, so I thought you might get a big thrill out of buying me this Bass Guitar that went on tour with her.

Just think next Christmas you could be at a gala party and then you could name drop, “Yeah, I bought Cyndi Lauper’s Bass Guitar blah blah blah etc”

PM for address.



Who can tell us who actually played that bass on that tour, and the rest of the bass’s provenance?

Inquiring minds wanna know, and besides, that would influence its supposed value. I mean to say, I have a pal who owns a 1926 Gibson L-5 guitar, but it’s not the same guitar Mother Maybelle Carter owned for oh so many years and did most of her records with. And needless to say, its not worth near as much money as the Carter L-5, which now resides in a museum in Nashville and last changed hands for over half a million bucks. She bought it in 1928 for $275, or about $4000 in today’s dollars. My pal’s L-5 has a current valuation of only ten or twelve thou.


…but this Guitars has more than likely made many throbbing low moaning tones, on more than one occasion in audience of MS Lauper’s cute little tush.

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Don’t be disparaging Maybelle’s tushie, sir. And evidently Sara was kinda popular with the boys also, despite being sort of tall.


And Cyndi is also famously a pepper.

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I will check it out, she started out as a member of a band called Blue Moon.

Got to run now.

I forgot, the name of the band was Blue Angel.

I trolled the following song a little, I posted that I liked the song but she need to put more energy into it. :grin: