Mars - new tele series

I like it - give it a look - it’s pretty good - 6 approves

Musk was on saying he is going to fucking Mars and that’s a fact

Only reason he got in the rocket business

The laffed at him and now he is the #1 goto launch guy

I’ve been watching it too. Along the lines of the movie, “The Martian”.

They use poop for fertilizer?

Decent movie.

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Is there really any other kind?

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I thought this was going to be about a new line of Fender guitars…

TBH, I thought it was going to be about Candy bars.


Weird. My grandfather was a traveling salesman for Mars candy. It’s why he died at 27. Car crash.

Holy smokes, Your Grand Father just might be the founder of the The 27 Club!

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Used to be at Mars headquarters in NJ you lost 10 percent of yer days pay if you were one second late - fer real

Just change the channel if you’ve heard this amusing anecdote before, years ago, I decided to try a “real job” and went to work at this factory that was being built, they hired a bunch of us waay in advance to get us trained and “Team Built” and all that, part of the training centered on us being self or team managed, and as a teams made up all the rules we would all agree to and operate under, one of the rules or sets of rules dealt with attendance and punctuality etc, well we did all that team building and rule making bullshit and the factory completion was way behind schedule, so it devolved to the point where monday-friday 8-5 we went to work and mostly just sat around playing cards, Cribbage being the most popular…my buddy Troy ended up getting fired for being late enough times to reach a “termination point” So we sat around one afternoon arguing about firing our friend Troy. I was probably Troy’s biggest supporter during that retarded meeting, mainly over the concept of firing our team mate and friend, because he is a couple minutes or so late to come in and play cribbage. WTF, Really?

“Well, er uh, we all agreed to the rules blar blar blah blah” That was the beginning of the end for me…

That’s absurd. It sounds like something Trump would get behind.

It was surreal, I kept yelling at them If we were in production and working and Troy was being an attendance issue, I’d would be A OK with firing him, but we are coming in here 5 days a week and being paid to do nothing.

Socialism/communism sucks man.

Sumbitches can turn anything into politics

So, I waited all day to see a showing of the first episode at 5:00. At 7:15 I remembered it.

A double tonight though. I hope I remember.

I never did it but I always thought that a blackboard would be a good idea.:grin:

Series manager - record series - nuff sed