Midnight Diner

There’s a long history of this as a manga effort. In the last decade it’s been adapted to TV and possibly a couple of movies.

We’ve been watching the first set of TV adaptation, which is maybe ten years old or a little less. There are 3 seasons of it, and we’re up to S1 E6 of maybe 9 eps. The eps are 25 minutes and every fucking one so far has been a fucking JEWEL as good as anything any Murican short story writer ever wet dreamed. Even if it’s in Japanese with English subtitles.

Gypsy wants to binge watch it, of course, but I won’t let her because it’s too intense and I need time to digest the goodness of every bit of it.

Anybody else seen any of it?

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I’ll look for it, do i have subscribe to Sumitomo Streaming to get it?

Netflix, maybe others.

It was told about it. Never watched it.