Migration complete

Just finished up with the old images… except for a few old avatars (which I might be able to still bring back) the migration was a success and has been completed.


I made a pass thru one of our meme threads and it was goodness.

Thanks a bazillion

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Thanks for bearing with me… glad the site is finally back in line after I neglected it for a couple years. :smiley:

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Still having a couple issues, might be rebuilding/recompiling the site later which takes a minute.

I just have a couple issues I’m seeing left to sort out…

Youtube embeds… I think this server IP might be blocked by YouTube… which means taking a snapshot of this server and moving it to a different server that’s hopefully not on their blacklist.

Old Avatars - not a real concern but will bring them back if I can.


Muh phone is axing me if i want to install cbt on my phone wut up wit dat?

Isn’t there a cbt app?

I did it, it looks and feels pretty much exactly like the web interface. Unless you want to collect all of your (compatible) message boards on it, it’s probably not that big a deal. I will probably uninstall it and stick to the browser.