Miss Nevada USA title won by transgender woman for the first time


rec for the tweet

Men so good at everything we even win women’s only shit

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Did Trump get chance to crash the dressing room?


She’s not a man you stupid transphobic piece of shit… what’s even remotely masculine about her?

I feel sorry for your brother, hope he ditched you and your shitty family.

It’s a joke, not a dick


It’s a transphobic joke you stupid piece of shit. She’s not a man anymore than your girlfriend is. What exactly is manly about her? If you wouldn’t hit it you’re probably gay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not wanting to have sex with a person makes you gay?


Give it a rest Sgt.

Stubby, it’s ok that you visit this thread on the often, no judgement here.

I cum here for the notifications.

Oops. Freudian slip.

“I grab 'em by the… hey wait a minute!”

There’s a strange double standard floating about where transwomen are more or less “tolerated” as contestants in women’s beauty pageants but vilified as participants in women’s athletic competitions.

One is a test of transwomen’s appearance, the other a test of their performance.

The message is: fine, you can try to be more beautiful than we cissies are but don’t you dare try to outperform us!

Janice Raymond must be turning in her grave.

She’s hot, if you think she’s not you’re probably into masculine men.

So you rule people’s attractions?

What if someone doesn’t believe they’re attractive because they don’t like that someone’s vagina is just an inside out cock?

How do you know she has a vagina?

I find it odd how cis people are hyper focused on other people’s genitals.

I mean, sex is a big part of a relationship and all… and if she doesn’t have a vagina, that means I’m less attractive as I’m not a fan of cocks.

You’re just TRYING to be offended over someone else’s sexual preferences lmao

No, I’m giving you shit because you’re a transphobic POS who’s hyper focused on her genitals. I feel sorry for your family member.

Btw I highly doubt Miss Nevada would be the slightest bit interested in you lol.