Morons With Guns Dept

This is why I always have a chambered .45 APC in hand at all times.
(You just put a condom over the barrel while showering, easy peasy)

That’s THE big story in Illinois today. Disgusting morons.

No knock raids are bad enough. Getting the wrong address is just pure human fckery. Terrorizing a woman and children is inexcusable.

Trying to cover it up for over a year is criminal.


but, but, drugs…

She should have offered them coffee and donuts, problem solved.

This was done on the basis of a tip?

Solely on the basis of an informant. Search warrant not properly executed. The guy they were looking for had one of THEIR ankle bracelets on, and was at home. Actually at home in the same apartment complex.

Train wreck from beginning to end.