Movin on up

I applied for and got accepted for this apartment the other day

But I think I’m going to pass and keep looking and find something better… there’s no balcony, the view is so-so, the windows are kinda small… I think I can do better.


San Francisco near Galileo High School?

Downtown Portland, the budget SF… :slight_smile:


I inquired about this one, I’d love to have this place, I’ve thought about living in this building before. I’ve taken photos of the outside of it… 420 this shit has to be my destiny…



I could probably get something newer with more frills, better view etc. but I really love this place and it’s in a nice location in the Pearl District. And it’s pretty cheap for how many Sq feet it is, it’s a studio but it’s a lot bigger than most 1 bedroom apartments and I totally love the stainless steel countertop and wrap…

I declined the first place today but it’s a nice building in a great location, I guess my screening/approval etc. is good for 60 days there.